Thursday, 6 July 2017

Prayers that the Almighty answers

                        By Bayo Ogunmupe
    Why are some prayers answered and others ignored? This is the topic of this column today. As you pray, be very aware your intentions are behind your prayers. If it is a fear based reason you are praying, you must recognise and pray for only things that you cannot fulfill externally. For example, if you believe you lack happiness and are praying for an object or situation to give you happiness, this prayer cannot be answered. At times, prayers are blocked or delayed because God Almighty is withholding due a universal block because the focus of the prayer has taken a detour from love.
    Your prayer is equal to demanding that 2 plus 2  equals 3; not taking the natural process. No matter how long you beg God, making sacrifices and fasting, 2 plus 2 can never equal 3. Praying for happiness, fulfillment or peace can only succeed spiritually. As you can see from the arithmetic, your prayer cannot be answered because they do not comply with the natural order of nature. The same lack of results occurs when you outline how you wish your prayers to be answered.
    For instance, if you desire a new home; you may pray to win a lottery to pay for it. This idea of handing God a script of how you expect everything to work out, cannot work. The fear in this scenario manifests as a lack of trust in God's infinite wisdom to take care of the details. You are afraid that you won't get help with your housing needs unless you give God ideas on how to fulfill this prayer. The path of love in praying for yourself is filled with gratitude and faith in the Almighty providing for your earthly needs. It is a thing of joy to know that Jehovah is moving you somewhere wonderful, where your services will bring blessings for others.
    With love based prayer, you have absolute faith in God's wisdom to take care of all the details. Since God's mind is merged with yours, you immediately receive guidance if your actions are needed. For example, you may have a hunch to drive down a certain street; as you follow this guidance-voila!- you find a wonderful house in your price range. Besides, assuming you are divinely guided to be a healer. Perhaps you have already given to some friends. You experience great joy and fulfillment whenever you are engaged in healing work. This is a love based vocation. 
    However, if you doubt your abilities for healing, you have veered off the path of love. You may unconsciously be looking for external ways to validate your healing abilities; such as personally deciding because of insecurity, that you need to own a healing centre; publish books on healing; hold a degree or receive some mundane validation before you are able to practise healing, the profession God had ordained you to practice. Such prayers are not answered like a genie granting your wish - because they are preposterous to the Almighty.
    The only type of prayer, that God hears, is a love based intention, where you joyfully intend to share your joy, light, healing energy and other assets with others. Now opening a healing centre, publishing a book on healing and earning a degree on healing are only fear based paths; if you desire them because of fear. In contrast, if you are joyfully guided towards these endeavours, this is your love based path. Even with a love based path, you may still experience insecurity and self doubt. The answer is to handle these fears internally, listening to your inner voice, your intuition and taking measures to calm yourself or externally by deciding to have an accomplishment prop up your ego.
    The path of love and answered prayer is centred internally. It is the road of fear that always looks for external solutions. The higher vibration of love is always harmonious, like beauty, melody and love. A love based prayer is one along the lines of asking Allah for assignments providing healing services. You have faith that God knows exactly who could be matched with your healing and the best place for healing to occur. You also have no concerns about financial remuneration for your healing work because you know that as long as you walk through the doors God opens for you, all of your earthly needs are met. The lower pathways of fear and insecurity can never connect with God. The pathways of fear and insecurity delivers emptiness and loneliness.

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