Thursday, 6 July 2017

We must not build in vain

                      By Bayo Ogunmupe
    "We must not build in vain" is the title of the opening address of the Grand Administrator and director, Supreme Board of AMORC, Dr Kenneth Idiodi at 2017 Lagos conclave of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, held on 13 May, 2017 in Ikeja, Lagos. The seminar was attended by hundreds of AMORC members and thousands of their friends. In his address Dr Idiodi said socio economic development was a most welcome theme for Lagos zone's conclave, coming as it did during these austere times in Nigeria. He said because of the enormous blessings that God has bestowed on Nigeria in human and material resources, our country has often been described as the jewel of Africa.
    According to Idiodi, Nigeria should have been an advanced nation by now with multiple highways and fly-overs crisscrossing the land; elegant suspension bridges hanging over valleys and rivers; high speed electric trains running on railways and sub-ways below; clean mega-cities efficiently administered with uninterrupted power supply and adorned with beautiful environmentally friendly buildings; world class educational institutions churning out acclaimed scholars; vast farms producing  quality food; industries of all types producing equipment and various devices  for the populace; tourist friendly recreational facilities bustling with activity and a place where peace, security, prosperity and opportunity abide.
    The grand administrator continued, "when you visualize this and compare it to the present situation in Nigeria, the contrast is so stark that it is pitiful. And why is it that Nigeria has failed to become the pride of Africa and the black race?"  The blame falls on all of us as citizens.  There isn't any justification to place the blame on our leaders. Our leaders are the products of this society. The problems of the leadership are rooted in this society.
    "And this is why Rosicrucianism is of vital importance in the world today. The greater the number of individuals equipped with the techniques of resolving personal problems, the better the society will be  and of course the better nation. "The Rosicrucian path incorporates both metaphysics and mysticism. Metaphysics is that which covers intuition, visualization and healing techniques. Mysticism is simply the process by which you may experience the conscious union with your creator, Divine mind, universal intelligence or what some Rosicrucians call the God of their Hearts."
    This is done by learning and applying natural laws which allow you to experience Cosmic consciousness. The Rosicrucian Order does not define the deity. It leaves you free to discover this by reflection. Soon a deep yearning for self improvement and moral rectitude develops in the Rosicrucian student  as progress is made along the path of self mastery. Chief Idiodi concludes by saying, "the pursuit of health, wealth, happiness  and peace are the main goals essential for national prosperity."
    Rosicrucianism for socio economic development as the theme of the conclave was amplified by Dr Augustine Agugua of the Department of Sociology, University of Lagos in his lecture. Therein he discussed a heart rending scenario upon which Nigeria was adjudged the worst  country for a baby to be born in as at 2016. For the welcome address on behalf of the Lagos Zone of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), its chairman for the 2017 planning committee, Chief Amobi Nwokafor thanked everyone in attendance, rejoicing over the tumultuous presence of members and well wishers. Chief Nwokafor further disclosed that the global events today, particularly the current economic recession in Nigeria  necessitated that "we  develop the capacity to frequently engage our minds in activities that will shape the thinking of of the members of our society." 
    Nwokafor said that it was for that purpose that the Rosicrucians convened the gathering. he said it was part of their contribution to the socio economic development of Nigeria. He intimated us of Dr Agugua's Improvement Agenda for the Socio economic  development  of Nigeria. As he had predicted, after the lecture, our lives were never the same again.

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