Sunday, 23 July 2017

Laws that will transform your life

                          By Bayo Ogunmupe
    Our lives can be seen as a box; when we do good, we fill the box with good things and vice versa, when we do something bad, we fill it with bad things. Throughout our lives, we randomly pull something out of that box. The more good things you do, the more likely that you will pull something good out of the box. Most of the choices are not conscious choices, everything is left to chance. This means that doing good deeds will not always  be rewarded; and doing bad deeds will not always be punished.
    There is something much more significant and important. That important thing is how you choose to live your whole life. Really, if you want something to happen in your life, you should actively act to achieve it. This is something you forget at some stages in your life. You cannot always hope that things will just happen as you want, without necessary effort. You should never rely on things happening spontaneously without propelling them with action. You should always control yourself.
    Indeed, it is yourself you can only control. You cannot control what others do. But you bear full responsibility for your own actions. Your life is your own creation. You decide which direction to take while you are the sole controller of your destiny. Failure will continue to persist in your life until the lesson is learned. One of the rules of karma is that until the lesson is learned, we will continue to make the same mistakes. The story will continue to repeat until you learn something. This is true for both nations and individuals.
    The successes that happen to us have value only when we have worked to achieve them. The true value of things does not come from how much we have spent on them; but of how assiduously we worked to get them. The biggest personal victories are those that are beneficial to everyone. If you get rich, it is good for you, but you are just an individual. The greatest victories are those that benefit the whole community. Dedication to the good of a nation brings positive karmic influences which in turn provides a tremendous popular support.
    And the most important universal law of abundance is being happy all the time. The energy of happiness is very powerful and does erase bad karma. Bad karma can be cleaned through making others happy. Meditation, visualization and chakra cleaning can also erase bad karma. To be happy, invest time, energy and money into yourself everyday. Happiness comes as a side effect of learning new skills, challenging yourself and helping others. Adapt and stretch yourself to accommodate new ideas and new information.
    When you invest in yourself, you develop higher levels of creativity and you can never lose the battle for prominence. And over time you will change the trajectory of your life, since you are the product of what you know. The more time, energy and money you invest acquiring pertinent knowledge,  the more control you have over your life. The one lie you learned when you were young is still holding you back. Starting all over again isn't an option. That is the great lie that is hindering your progress.  
    The idea that starting all over as being bad is baked right into our educational system. We send children to universities at 18; telling them to choose careers that  they will be happy with for the next 40 years. But what if you choose wrong? And that is what often happens. Over time through bouts of failure and hardship, you learn the truth through experience. Then you change to new career paths. The truth is that no one wins in a game of chess by only moving forward. Sometimes, you have to move backwards to put yourself in a position to win. This is a perfect metaphor for life. Often, you feel running into a dead end. That is actually a sign you are not on the right path. Gradually, life teaches us U turns are allowed. So, turn around when you must.

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