Sunday, 23 July 2017

Never too late to be great

                            By Bayo Ogunmupe

    This title was taken from the best selling book of my friend, Tom Butler-Bowdon. The book is titled: Why it's never too late to be great. There are three main freedoms linked to achieving greatness in life. They are, one, bravery: fear holds us back. It prevents us from becoming the person we were destined to be. The key to freeing yourself from fear is knowledge. Knowledge dispels fear. If we have the right kind of knowledge,  we can change our outlook from fear, to one of fearlessness.
    You can improve your karma through helping others. Another key to rising from your limitations of our ever changing environment is physically leaving your environment; since we may be redeemed from service rather than striving to become environment compliant or carrying the negative state of mind. Note that fearlessness should never be confused with foolishness or foolhardiness. There is nothing fearful about taking good care of yourself or taking necessary steps and precautions about your safety and well-beig. Bravery could in fact hardly be more different from being foolhardy- being, as it is, a key step on the path of wisdom.
    Two, love is much more than the emotion which many people think of as love. It is described by the angels as the natural energy, greater than the mind. Moreover, it is the state of man's whole being. We cannot experience this kind of love as ordinary mortals; this is love at its highest sense- until we have a degree of bravery, and as this love grows; it will in turn spur us onwards to ever greater degrees of bravery; gaining greater courage to help others.
    The third freedom is service. Service is described as love in action. If we have real, deep and genuine love for others, we will want to help them. And if we really want to help others, we will get the opportunity to do so. Service also requires bravery; of course, service is indeed the best possible application of bravery. And the more service you perform, the better your karma will be; which will in turn make you braver still. Also it will give you greater understanding of, and mastery of the wonderful power of love.
    These three freedoms lead to the fourth, the freedom of enlightenment. They empower you to attain your heart's desire at any stage of your earthly existence. These freedoms empowered Donald Trump at 70 years, to become the oldest and richest person to ever become the president of the United States of America. "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind," Romans 12:2. Sometimes we try to excuse our negativity by saying, "It was just a thought, it didn't mean anything."
      But thoughts matter. Thought is the seed of action. A wrong thought left to roam around your mind can take root and grow into what the Bible calls a "stronghold." And when a thought becomes that strong, it begins to control your outlook, your attitude, your mindset and your actions. Where the mind goes, the man follows. You are never too old to be great. So never allow yourself to think negatively, for as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Negative thinking prepares you for defeat. Devote yourself to a calling. Donald Trump, 47th world greatest prosperity thinker in the world thought politicians mismanaged America. He believed politicians deliberately caused poverty in America so as to make themselves indispensable. So instead of voting money for charity, he used his money to fight poverty by going into politics. William Wilberforce did the same thing. He devoted himself seeing slavery eradicated in Britain. So discover and follow your calling. It is never too late to be great.

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