Wednesday, 2 November 2016

In the emerging new order, what role for Nigeria?

             By Bayo Ogunmupe

       The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crusis(AMORC) best known as the Rosicrucian Order organized a symposium at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja recently. The theme of the seminar was The Emerging New World Civilization: What Role for Nigeria? In his welcome address, the chairperson, Symposium Organizing Committee, Uma Ndukwe welcomed  members and spectators alike by reminding them that AMORC is an agent of civilization and that it has always been in the vanguard of positive change through self development for the attainment of self mastery in the world. He said that humanity has the inherent capacity to create an ideally perfect state in the social, moral, political and technological aspects of life. The origin of man has been traced to one physical source and our destiny is to return to this unity at the higher level of consciousness.
       In  his own address, the guest of honour and the Grand Administrator and Director, Supreme Board of the Rosicrucian Order Dr Kenneth Idiodi said that Nigerians must pay attention to the quality of their education and the content of their religion. He said good education addresses the inner man and the psychic structure of the human person. "As the citizens become enlightened peace and tranquility will result," he said. Dr Idiodi hopes to live in a Nigeria where though tribes and tongues may differ, in brotherhood we stand. He wants a Nigeria where the labours of our heroes past would never be in vain. The AMORC administrator wants a country where we are our brothers keepers regardless of our diverse religious convictions, political affiliations or social status. Without enlightened individuals, a society remains barbaric, he said.
       Idiodi urged Nigerians to apply global best practices and standards in all our operations, so as not to be left behind in the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution. Nigerians must play their roles in shaping the new world civilization for the good of mankind. The Rosicrucian leader urged Nigerians to eschew vandalism, militancy and terrorism, to enable us move onto the comity of civilized nations.  When a nation has attained the status where the ruling elite are religiously and economically enlightened, then the nation has become part of a harmonious collectivity called civilization. He maintained that civilizations are constantly being transformed by powerful agents of change whose speed can be multiplied by a paradigm shift in the population.
       Finally, Idiodi said we predict the future by creating it, that a more holistic education will engender a better appreciation of human nature and our environment. The symposium hosted a panel of discussants namely, head of department of philosophy, University of Lagos Professor Douglas Anele, as moderator; the newspaper columnist Simon Abah; Culture and language consultant Professor emeritus Isaac Alaba and the managing partner, Babafemi and company, Dr Akin Babafemi. In the sum up given by Professor Anele, the symposium held that Nigerian unity is difficult to achieve but the worst never happens. We cannot alter the immutable laws of God, so the best for us is to obey divine laws. Our incompetence is self imposed if President Muhammadu Buhari consults properly we shall overcome recession. Buhari needs to exert political will in order to overcome his leadership problems.
      During the question and answer session, our lack of creativity was attributed to the dearth of infrastructure and other incentives to creative problem solving. Our religious hypocrisy as against spirituality is another drawback. There are hundreds of paths to the mountain. It does not matter which path you take. The people wasting our time are those running around the mountain telling us our path is wrong. The mountain is paradise and all roads leads there. We should acquire the discernment to guide us rightly.

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