Wednesday, 2 November 2016

"Beware of your education and religion"

>    By Bayo Ogunmupe and Cleopatra Eki,

>        "For a new dawn of Nigeria's
> development, Nigerians must beware of the quality of their
> education and the content of the religion they profess."
> this was the message of the Grand Administrator and
> Director, Supreme Board of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae
> Crucis (AMORC) best known as the Rosicrucian Order, Dr
> Kenneth Idiodi. He said this at the 2016 Public Symposium of
> the Lagos Zone AMORC, in Ikeja recently.
>        Dr Idiodi urged Nigerians to
> imbibe the education that addresses the inner man and the
> psychic structure of the human person. "As our citizens
> become enlightened peace and tranquility will result," he
> said. The 2016 AMORC Symposium had the theme: The Emerging
> New World Civilization: What Role for Nigeria?
>        Dr Idiodi hopes to live in a
> Nigeria where though tribes and tongues may differ, in
> brotherhood we stand. He wants a Nigeria where the labours
> of our heroes past would never be in vain. The Rosicrucian
> administrator said he wants a nation where we are our
> brothers' keepers regardless of our diverse religious
> convictions, political affiliations or social status.
> Without enlightened ruling elite, a society remains
> barbaric, he said.
>        Dr Idiodi urged
> Nigerians  to apply best global practices in all our
> operations,so as not to be left behind in the march toward
> industrialization. Nigerians must play their roles in
> shaping the emerging new civilization for the good of
> mankind. He said that we should eschew vandalism, militancy
> and terrorism to enable us move onto the comity of civilized
> nations. He maintained that existing civilizations  are
> constantly being transformed by powerful agents of change
> whose speed can be multiplied by a paradigm shift in the
> population.
>      However, in his welcome address the
> chairperson, Symposium Organizing Committee Mr Uma Ndukwe
> disclosed that the Rosicrucian Order is an agency of
> civilization which has always been in the vanguard of
> positive change  through self development  for the
> attainment of self mastery and the advancement of
> civilization. He said that humanity has the inherent
> potential and capacity to create an ideal society in social,
> moral, political and technological aspects of life.
>        For the symposium proper,
> the discussants were the head of the department of
> philosophy, University of Lagos, Professor Douglas Anele,
> the moderator; the newspaper columnist Simon Abah; Culture
> and language consultant, Professor emeritus Isaac Alaba and
> the managing partner, Babafemi and company, Dr Akin
> Babafemi. Summing up submissions, Professor Anele averred
> that Nigerians are contributing and will continue in spite
> of the debilitating conditions of our power sector and the
> parlous state of our infrastructure.

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