Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Learn How To Be Rich

MY intention is that by practicing the principles laid out in this column, you will transform your experience of wealth from wanting to become rich to knowing how to be rich. The first principle is that there is plenty for everyone. As regards wealth, nothing separates us from abundance. Our basic nature is to expand, to increase and create more. So, we cannot get rich, for riches are already in us, we can only acknowledge what we already have.
  The law of increase says “Those who have, have more. Those who don't have even lose that which they now have.” And so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Now, on the surface, it doesn't seem fair. But the reason the law works this way is those who have are constantly affirming the abundance they know is already theirs. Our actions and behaviour are always supporting greater wealth or greater lack or limitation. Everything that we have is a demonstration of our awareness of abundance. It is those who do not accept the existence of abundance in their lives that experience scarcity. Their lives are a reflection of their consciousness. It has nothing to do with recession, inflation or unemployment. Also, it isn’t that the source of supply is withholding. But rather, it is because our consciousness is closed off to the opportunities of wealth around us. In this case, all we need do is to assume we are in wealth and so shall it be.
  In life, whichever you acknowledge or give energy to, you will have more of. Wherever the mind goes, the energy flows. When your consciousness is filled with beliefs, assumptions, thoughts and notions of scarcity, lack of limitation, your consciousness will be so blocked and cluttered with scarcity. Thus, you are the cause of poverty not its effect. You are the creators of your principal inequity. If we are not demonstrating wealth in our lives, it is because we live negatively. You created the monster of poverty in your mind, any wonder it is now devouring you!
  Our mistakes stem not from any inherent defect in our being, but from ignorance. Our task then is to conquer ignorance. We have to forgo our untoward beliefs that block us and keep us from reaching our potentials of experiencing wealth. So clear out your old ideas, beliefs and concepts that are holding you back. When you accept the beliefs of others, beliefs that are based on fears, they become yours and you experience them. So you must turn opposite of most people because most people are followers, not leaders.
  You must affirm your affinity with money. Use your imagination and visualization to create your life the way you want it. Don't dwell on the way it was, that will drag you down. The key is to trust that life will support you in your beliefs. You don't need to understand the workings of the mind before you can trust it. After clearing your mind of primitive beliefs, affirmed you were born to be wealthy, the third step is to create wealth out of your imagination. The law of mind operates with precision. Whatever you create in consciousness, you will experience in your life. Believe in your vision. You can only be as great as you imagine because perception creates reality.
  Moreover, it is time you give-up your getting consciousness. Only those who know they already have can give without qualms. Always acknowledge what you have already. Always start from where you are. Appreciate what you have right now, no matter how little in comparison to what others have. Develop an attitude of gratefulness towards whatever you now have. Learn to let go of anything that undermines the quality of your life. You create by saying what you want and believing you are going to get it.
  Be certain of attaining the objects of your ambition. But let go of all you don't need. The more you give, the more you get. But you must give the very thing that you want. If you want money, give money. If you want love, give love. Whatever you have not, that is what you must give or contribute. Acquire and hold in your mind the concept of a universal bank. Whatever you give becomes a deposit in the universal bank. And the Lord will return it to you with interest. That’s how whatever you give comes back to you. Through your deposit in the universal bank, your good comes to you countless times.
  The saying, “Givers never lack,” originates from the law of circulation. A pond is a good example to explain the law of circulation. If water only comes to the pond, soon the pond will stagnate, and be unable to support life. If water only goes out of the pond, it will soon dry up and the pond will no longer be able to support life. But water both comes in and goes out of the pond, the pond will be sparkling pure and able to support life. Take a cue from this example, for it is the same in our financial lives. As we circulate money freely, more money flows into our lives.
  Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher said, “Beware of holding too much good in your hands.” What  Emerson was saying was that we block the flows of good into our lives by holding on too tightly to what you have. In order to increase what you have, you must be willing to let go of what you hold already. Increase comes from what we give. Hoarding money, hanging on to money, stealing money, these behaviour goes against the flow of money. Such behaviour creates unhappiness. Refusal to circulate abundance causes nature to circulate it for us through sickness, accidents and the like. By being a good giver and receiver, you become wealthy.
  Our champion this week is Cyrus the Great of Babylon. Cyrus was born about 600 BC. He died in battle in 530 BC. Cyrus tomb can still be seen in Pasargadae, a city founded by Cyrus and now an archaeological site in Iran. The Cyrus Cylinder, a 23-centimetre long clay document commemorates Cyrus’ conquest of Babylon and the liberation of exiles including Jews. The cylinder is one of the most important documents in biblical archaeology. The Persian people of Iran and Iraq still hold Cyrus in high esteem.
  When Cyrus set his sights on Babylon, it was already the most venerable of the cities in the ancient world. Babylon sat on the Euphrates river, which also filled moats surrounding the city’s massive walls – a combination of defences, which made the city impregnable. But Cyrus diverted the Euphrates, enabling soldiers to wade onto the city gates, which had been left open. Cyrus took Babylon without resistance. According to the Greek historian, Herodotus, Babylonians felt so secure that on the night of the attack many were feasting, including Belshazzar, the Babylonian king.
  The importance of this episode is that the Bible foretold, one, the 70-year exile of the Jews, two, Cyrus’ conquest of Babylon and its ultimate desolation. This means prophecy was at no time brought by man’s will, but that men spoke from God,” 2 Peter 1: 21.

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