Tuesday, 6 August 2013


By: Bayo Ogunmupe

Learn how to programme your mind for conquest and you will gain the key for success. Many of your ideas of how to be happy, satisfied and wealthy are totally erroneous.
In fact your beliefs have never been tested in the real world. Yet you live your whole life based on the premise that your beliefs are in fact real.
Over the years, through your experiences, you have been gathering information about life, but the information you have been getting was not always the truth. What we see, hear or perceived is always filtered through our belief system. This perception becomes our version of reality. All the information you have received become your opinion or belief when they become your self-image. It is your truth, as best as you know it and forms your image of reality.
Which is why you should continually check your beliefs to see if they are workable as the true image of reality is upon which you can build a career. Thus, if your beliefs are not workable, you need to reprogramme them by building a new set of beliefs that your subconscious can work with.
However, there is no one else in the world who wants for you, what you want for yourself. That is why it is of the utmost importance that you not allow others, no matter how well meaning, to programme your life for you. Your subconscious will achieve anything you truly believe to be feasible. Your self-concept is based on your beliefs; every religion is based on belief.
Belief is the cornerstone of all great achievements. Belief is the master and we become slaves of what belief dictates. But we can change our beliefs and therefore change our lives. Thus, belief is the most powerful force on earth.
Belief is what allowed Helen Keller to overcome the incredible obstacles of being both blind and deaf. Belief enables Albert Einstein to carry on until he discovered the theory of relativity. This revolutionized scientific thinking. But believe also allow people to commit suicide, because they think there is no reason to live. Therefore you to reprogramme yourself and set up a positive image in which your beliefs facilitate your getting what you want. Tools we need in order to tune our minds for conquest are affirmation and visualization.
The purpose of affirmation is to surround ourselves mentally with thoughts that support our goals. Affirmations have no relevance to how things really are at this moment. They are based on how you want things to be, visualization of imagery refers to the ability of the mind to see things in pictures. Visualization is a thought you hold long enough to get a mental picture of. It is a good tool to change our lives. We’ve learned earlier that our thoughts become reality if we believe them to be true. However, the thought that influences us is the one tied to emotion. Visualization is the process of keeping a thought long enough so that the mental picture we create evokes an emotional response. The emotion causes conviction and conviction cause reality. To sum it up: though plus emotion creates conviction and conviction creates reality. I urge you to memorize this and make it part of your beliefs.
Affirmations are quality Ideas and quality thoughts. The quality of our thoughts reflects the quality of our lives. Hence, if you raised the quality of your thoughts, you would automatically raise the quality of your life. Affirmations are autosuggestion. The French psychologist Emile Coue used autosuggestion very successfully in his clinics in France in the 1900s. He taught his patients to repeat the affirmation”; Every day, in Every way, I am getting better and better”. And it worked because conditioning does work.
 When you replace unworkable thoughts with positive workable thoughts, the bad thoughts will be displaced. It is not necessary to get rid of limiting beliefs we hold in our subconscious. More important is to ensure that dominant thoughts support us in getting what we want, because our mind works on our dominant thoughts. Thus, your best bet for success, is to feed your conscious mind with correct data so that it can lead you to where you want to be. Because you cannot hold two opposing thoughts at the same time. So it is important for you to programme your dominant thoughts. The American philosopher – Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “we become what we think all the daylong” and that is very true. You and I are walking evidence of our beliefs. If you will visualize, concentrate and affirm the specific thing you want to be, the doing and having will follow automatically. Affirmation means to validate or confirm. So when you think a thought every time, and affirm it, you are validating it as the truth. Once your subconscious has accepted a belief, it is an idea whose time has come. Using affirmation means to validate it as the truth. Using affirmations daily is one of the fastest means of changing your life. Do not mind the simplicity of the process. Affirmations are power packed tools to effect change in your self-image. Like prayer, five minutes of affirmation in the morning and five minutes before you go to bed at night are beneficial to your success.
In the morning affirmations set the tone of the day. Used in the evening, it influences what your subconscious dwells on during sleep, since the time prior to sleep is the alpha state, the state of relaxation when the subconscious is most receptive. We experience the alpha state just prior to being fully awake and right before going to sleep. The closer you are to these dream states, the better for the imprint.
You have to keep your thoughts consistent. Memorize your affirmation so that you can think and affirm them anytime you wish. You are where you are through your habit of repetition. You can change your situation using repetition as vehicle for freeing your mind of unwanted thoughts and ideas. Don’t expect change immediately. It will take a while.
For quick results, you should combine affirmations with positive imagery. Every thought we think is a picture in the mind. Simply put, we think in pictures. Thus, imagery or visualization is the process of holding a thought in your mind until it creates a mental picture or image. The mental image allows you to be there to experience it in your mind. This is also known as applied imagination. The difference between affirmation and imagery is that while affirmations are conscious thoughts, imagery goes a step further by taking those thoughts and dwells upon them till they generate emotion and belief. The purpose of visualization is to build the necessary confidence to take action. In all, you don’t get anywhere unless you take action on your ideas, dreams and goals.


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