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Tuning Your Mind For Success, By Bayo Ogunmupe

Tuning Your Mind For Success
                                              By Bayo Ogunmupe   


Learn how to tune your mind for the attainment of your desires. You need to tune your mind in order to attain success because human beings behave not in accordance with the truth, but in accordance with the truth as they perceive it to be.
The way you perceive reality determines your chances of success. A faulty perception of life is that seeing is believing. The truth is because you can’t see it does not mean it isn’t there. The reason we didn’t see opportunities is not because they aren’t there, it is because we haven’t determined what we are looking for. Rather than wait to see before believing, we must first set our goals before reality changes. When you set a goal, your mind – brain functioning together, will work to your advantage to attain your goal.
For success, set your goal first and the relevant information will get through when you know and believe what you want, you start seeing results. Actually believing is seeing. We only pay attention to what is of value to us. The reason you don’t see opportunities is that we limit ourselves by the way we think. You must be willing to think out of the box, be willing to think outside of your limitations.
Another reason we fail to see opportunities is because we have low self-esteem. When you have good self-esteem, you think you can handle anything. Sometimes, the information we need comes through others. If our self-esteem is high, information can come in the form of a suggestion or even criticism. But if you have poor self-esteem, you will not be able to accept suggestions or criticism from others. Your responses will be defensive. The error you make is this; when you accept only your own opinion, you shut out everything else. Poor self-esteem prevents you from accepting other people’s opinion.
It isn’t because you are stupid that you don’t know how to accomplish something. It is because you are conditioned due to a blockade you’ve formed, not to see. As a businessman, you have a tendency to lock onto jaded approaches. As you allow your thoughts or habits to build up in your mind, you act out these beliefs, it becomes self-fulfilling prophesy.
Arising from this is the sure-enough principle. Your level of expectation determines the outcome. Once you lock onto an opinion of how things are going to come about, you go out and create the situation or gather information to bolster your perceived idea or notion and bring it to reality, and sure-enough, you get what you expect. This is called the sure-enough principle. Thus, self-talk and visualization reinforce an already existing self-image or belief you have about yourself. Your self-image controls how you perform or your performance reality. So the main reason for changing your image when you are not performing to your expectation is that your self-image controls your performance.
However, attitudes help or hinder your success. What are attitudes? Attitudes are dominant beliefs. The evaluation of an attitude is always in relation to your goal in life. If you are an introvert, being an introvert in itself is neutral. But if your goal is to be a public speaker, your attitude would not support your goal. If you want to change your attitude, all you need to do is to make new affirmations regarding your present objective. Visualization is another method of altering your attitudes. Picture yourself as being a person with the emotional response required for your success. Visualize yourself seeking out and attaining your goals, your habits of thoughts are determined by your subconscious, you need to jettison habits not in conformity with present goals and aspirations.
You move toward what you picture, in essence, we are teleological; meaning we physically, emotionally and psychologically create through activity and movement what it is we hold as a picture in our minds. As long as we hold the picture, we are drawn towards that picture. We can control our imagery through directed self-talk and visualization, you must first picture your goal in the mind before you can attain it through action. Your teleological mechanism knows exactly where you are in time and space in relationship to the target. Keeping your eyes on the end result stimulates the creature energy in you, driving you to attract people, material things, new books, seminars to create the picture in your mind. But forcing change creates failure. So the only way is through self-talk and visualization.
You can only rely on promises to yourself to become a winner. This is simply a matter of keeping your mind off what you don’t want and keeping your mind always on what you want. Don’t spend your time imaging the accursed, rather go towards your goal, never go by past track records; every moment is a new beginning. Successful people look at what they want and move towards it. Ultimately, what you want is to feel good.
When you develop a philosophy of life and do your best to be true to that philosophy all soon come into place, the questions of what you want are easily answered. Then you will draw the people you want to yourself. You will know what you want to do in your work, in your relationships, because everything and everyone necessary to support your philosophy will come into your life. Also, you must be willing to change your philosophy if it does not support you in being all you can be.
When you consciously use self-talk and imagery, you deliberately throw your system out of order, thus, you must drive yourself strongly, perhaps obsessively into whatever you are affirming, and imaging. For success, you must use the concepts in every area of your life, you must be obsessive about everything concerning your success. That means you do not steal from one part of your life to fulfill another. Start by knowing where you want to go and begin to talk to yourself about it. What you tell yourself will determine how far you will go and how long it will take you to get there. Self-talk combined with imagery are the most powerful tools you can use to go from where you are right now to where you want to be. This is how you can fine-tune your mind for success.

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