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No growth without discontent By Bayo Ogunmupe

No growth without discontent

By Bayo Ogunmupe
Your subconscious, the power house of your intuition will carry you to any level of success you desire. But this cannot happen on its own, by chance, you have to build it, so in order to get your life to work, and take greater advantage of this resource, you have to build a channel for your creativity to flow through.
     To enlarge this channel, you have to expand your consciousness. This involves expanding your ideas and beliefs by casting aside old beliefs. If you believe that the solution to your problems is outside of you, you will always look outside for solutions in order to find answers to your needs.
However, you should begin to look inside of yourself for the panacea to your problems. The outer world is a reproduction of your inner world, which is why you should look at yourself in a new way. No amount of will power or motivation will solve your problems if you look outside of yourself for answers, your frightened mind can only attract frightening experiences. This principle is by which animals are attracted to their own kind. Your subconscious will always lead you according to your beliefs.
    All you need do is to want something better than you have right now. Never settle down into self satisfaction. There is no growth without discontent, while you may enjoy present situation, it is important that you grow from where you are!
   If your life does not work the way you want it, it is because you have accepted false beliefs and values that keep you from being all that you can be. When you are stuck like that, then you should review your life and change your false values.
   Waiting is a trap, why are you waiting to be happy, to be alive, to be wealthy? There will always be a reason to wait. But in life, you can only have two things, they are reasons or results. But reasons don’t count, results are what matters in life.
  The way forward is to heal yourself, you are responsible for whatever happens to you. Through the law of attraction, you attract everything that happens to you. This is a hard pill to swallow but it is the only way you can change. Most often we insist that reality should conform to our illusion. But the starting point of success is through control. A confused mind works in the direction of poverty, sickness and lack, while straight minds work for abundance and success.
  Your basic task is to develop high consciousness, such that you can create the conditions of life you desire.
  You can also alter your conditions by challenging your beliefs if even your ego is threatened. Whenever you want something in your life, you must always let go of anything standing between you and your goal. In your heart, you know exactly what you want and if you would listen to your intuition, it will tell you how to accomplish it. Your mind may sell you out, but your intuition never will. Your intuition is your connection with Jehovah, the ultimate power on earth.
Learn to trust your intuition for no one could control you through it. Your intuition alone can make you what you want to be. Success is your birthright, you were born to be successful and that success requires no apology.
  The way to gravitate from poverty to riches is to change yourself image. We literally act out the kind of person that we think we are! Besides no amount of will power will cause us to think another way. This mental blueprint of our self image in turn tyrannizes our lives. But sadly, who you are and what you are is not the same. Your ego may be trying to trick you to believe your false self image.
  To attain greatness, you should neutralize your ego. The way to neutralize your ego is to love yourself unconditionally. This is possible because your ego isn’t about loving yourself. And because life is consciousness anything you assume to be true will become real in the course of time. You will experience in life, whatever you are deeply convinced is so.
  You cannot be wealthy if you resent wealthy people. You cannot be talented or beautiful if you hate talented and beautiful people. Whatever you resent is a statement of what you lack.
   Remember , whoever you resent is you, because we are all one. The more you love and support  others in their well being, the more you will have everything. As you support others, you actually support yourself in having whatever you want. Being yourself is the secret of contentment.
  So it is with happiness, all happiness is caused by comparison. You may feel unhappy when you compare what you have now to that of another person. The truth about happiness is that you are not what you have, you are not what you do. When you stop pleasing others by pleasing yourself, you will maintain a state of contentment and happiness. Where there is no comparison, unhappiness is impossible. Happiness exists when the mind isn’t removed from itself. But your environment hinders your happiness. Beware of where you live. It could be the source of your limitations. Imitate Jesus. When the Christ found his Nazarene brethren hostile, he relocated to Capanaum. There he found succor and his ministry prospered.
  Our champion today is Robert Boyle. History remembers Boyle as the scientist who gave his name to Boyle’s law- a natural law that sets out the connection between pressure and volume in gases. His momentous discovery laid the basis for countless scientific developments that followed. But Robert Boyle was more than an able man of science. He was also a man of great faith in God and His inspired words, the Bible.
  Boyle was born into a wealthy family at Lismore Castle, in Ireland in 1627. That time was a period termed by historians as the age of reason. That time was when thinkers tried to free men from the fanaticism that had enslaved the human race for centuries. Boyle’s desire to learn was matched only by his intense desire to share his learning with others. Thus, he became a prolific writer. His writing influenced such great minds as Sir Isaac Newton. In 1660, Boyle was one of the founders of the Royal Society. This is a scientific institution that still exists in England.
Boyle has been described as the father of chemistry. As opposed to the Alchemists of his day who kept their findings secret, Boyle openly published all the details of his work. Further, instead of accepting, long-held myths he championed the use of experiments to establish the facts. This way he established that matter is composed of corpuscles, that combined in different ways to form substances.
  Boyle summed up his way in his book. The Skeptical Chymist. There he urged scientists to avoid being dogmatic. He said scientists should distinguish fact from opinion, differentiate what they knew to be true from things they thought to be true. Before he died in December 1691, Boyle with his sister Katherine, moved to London where he devoted himself to the propagation of Protestantism.

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