Friday, 9 June 2017

Strategies for gaining your miracle

                          By Bayo Ogunmupe
    Life is like chess, you can only move half the time. The other half you have to wait for the other person to make his move. Half the time, God is waiting for you to make a move. Wisdom gained from experience is the key to success in public life. Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress and in working together everyone achieves more. But half the time you wait for Allah to make His move. And that's very difficult if you're impatient.
    Perhaps you're single, waiting to meet Mr right. It is frustrating. When is he going to walk into your arms? Perhaps you are praying for a job, or working on your start up. Or you are waiting for your first baby and so far, despite all, your prayer has not been answered. And yet you are waiting. Do not  stop waiting. Summarize the operating system in the world as follows: If you are in control, work. If you are not in control, wait. You must work passionately  or wait patiently. But this is easier said than done. Nice in theory, difficult to apply.
    These strategies are difficult to apply because many people confuse the two worlds of working and waiting. More often we do the opposite. We wit when we are in control and work when we're not in control. For both, it is disastrous. What is to be done? You must work passionately or wait patently. I have met people who wait and wait; even when they can do something about their situation. I have met students who complain to God: "Lord why did you make me fail my exams?" even when many weeks before the exam, all they did was playing around. I have met people who complain to Jehovah, "God why do I lack money?" even though they never save; never invest and don't develop themselves.
    A major weakness of religious fanatics is that they hate hustling. They never work with with passion believing their religiosity will compel miracles from heaven. I am not only a critic I am a teacher of finance and prosperity. Conversations with a brother-in-law, an Internet expert and employee of Google, forced me to acquire financial intelligence. Which is why I encourage you to be crazy at your work; keep improving yourself by reading, attending seminars and finding mentors.
    And after doing all you can, stop. I have met workaholics, who work and work; even when in an area where they are no longer in control. These are perpetual worriers. Here is my definition of their malady:worry. Worry is the seeking to control what you can never control. It is like seeking to control your kids, your spouse, your relatives and friends. Stop trying to control everyone. You can only inspire, influence and instruct others. Thereafter, let go,  leave them to God, otherwise worry will kill you.
    Remember the Babel people  were impatient, which was why they fell from grace. The people at the Pentecost waited for nine days; they received the Holy Spirit, and from there stood firm and walked on to spread the gospel of Jesus. Work smart, work passionately; but at a point wait patiently for your dreams to come true. Of all the gifts we have as humans, the one most outstanding, giant-like, standing above the others, is our creative abilities. It is responsible for the technological progress we enjoy today: air travel, the world wide web, facebook and the global system of mass communication. Therefore, think smart, think creatively.


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