Sunday, 22 November 2015

How To Attract Luck And Money

  • By Bayo Ogunmupe on October 3, 2015 1:10 am
naira dollarTHERE are powerful forces behind money that make the accumulation of it possible among people. Thus, attracting money is neither magical nor the product of science.
By this magnetic force, anyone can attract the kind of money he desires.
According to the law of attraction at work in the universe, you are bound to attract what you want into your life.
Because humans are living magnets, they are bound to attract to themselves the people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with their dominant thoughts.
The law of attraction is one of the great laws of the universe. It says that all you own in life, you have attracted to yourself because of the way you think.
You can change your life, because you can change the way you think. Thus, your mindset determines when and how much you can gain.
When you develop a burning desire for money and think about it all the time, you set up a force field of emotional energy that attracts people, ideas and opportunities to you to help you accomplish your purpose.
So, your road to attracting wealth to yourself begins with your adoption of a new pattern of thought.
Here are other methods of attracting good fortune to yourself. One, go on an adventure to understand money. You can never attract or retain what you do not understand. Which is why a lack of understanding of money will lead you to poverty.
Therefore, you must invest in resources that will empower you on how to handle money. Money is a faithful servant and when deployed skillfully, it will produce wealth.
Two, mind your words. You can only be rich as you pronounce. So, watch what you say.
The law of attraction mandates us to change our way of thinking, which translates to what you say. The power of affirming the right words over your life cannot be over emphasised.
Affirming your wishes, in spite of your present circumstances, is very effective for gaining what you want. Start affirming your aims daily, and in no time, things will begin to align in accordance with your wishes.
From now, start affirming that you are wealthy and before this year runs out, you will become a rich man.
Three, divest yourself of self-limiting beliefs. For example, believing that every rich man became rich fraudulently is a self-limiting belief.
Try to analyse and jettison negative beliefs about money.
Four, take action on any initiative, haunch or intuition on how you can become rich. Always act on your ideas, because money likes speed.
Five, be expectant. Always expect good luck to happen to you. By so thinking, you will attract luck to yourself.
There is power in expectation, for what you expect becomes reality. Expect good to come your way and it will happen so.
Affirm the truth always for only kids, drinks and the pugnacious tell the truth. Take prosperity to a higher level by telling the truth always.
However, living with fear and worry inhibits success. Worry and fear eat up the faith you must muster to attract wealth.
Seven, cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful and appreciative of what you have. Luck and money thrive in an attitude of gratitude and generosity.
Those who use their resources to help others will themselves be blessed by the Almighty in return.
A spiritual law avers that those who give end up getting more and more, while those who hoard end up getting less. What you give comes back to you in droves.
However, all of these will not happen overnight. Once you begin applying these laws, you will imperceptibly become lucky and wealthy. You get what you give.

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