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Choices That Shape Your Future Happiness


Choices That Shape Your Future Happiness

WHEN life pushes you over, you must stand up and push back ever harder. Where there are crossways, and choices to make, make the ones your future self will thank you for. In the circumstance start modeling your future today.
  One, choose to be you. Wearing a mask wears you out. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be who  you know you aren’t. No matter how loud their opinions are, they cannot choose who you are. You have to choose yourself, even if nobody else is choosing you.
  Two, by being positive, you increase your self confidence and self-esteem by hundred per cent. You cannot live a positive life with a negative attitude. Heaven on Earth is a choice we must make, not a place we must find. Let every day be a dream you can touch. Let every hour be a love you can feel. Let every minute be a reason to live. Life is too short to be anything but action.
  Three, letting go: The only reason that makes this a big part of your life is that it keeps you thinking. The biggest step in changing the world is to change the world within you. Never cry over the past for it is gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Just live in the present; concentrate on the things you can control and take one small step at a time.
  Four, picking yourself up; where you are in life is temporary, where you end up in life is permanent, how you get from here to there is entirely up to you. So, don’t give up. You can only be as great as you imagine. Sometimes when things go wrong; it is because they would have turned out worse if they had gone right.
  Five, taking action: the happiest and most successful people are usually those who have broken the chains of procrastination.
  Such people always find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They are full of eagerness, passion and productivity. You must be action oriented too. For example, success in real estate is about location. Likewise, success in life is about action.
  Our champion this week is Adin Steinsaltz, the Hebrew rabbi, teacher and philosopher who has been hailed by Time Magazine as a once in a millennium scholar. He has devoted his life to making the Talmud accessible to all Jews.
  Steinsaltz translated the Talmud to modern Hebrew, English and Russian with a running commentary to facilitate learning.
  Beginning in 1989, Stensaltz published several tractates of the Babylonian Talmud in an English – Hebrew edition. Steinsaltz was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1937 to secular parents. He studied rabbinical studies along with mathematics and physics at the Hebrew University. After graduation he became a school teacher and at age 23, became Israel’s youngest school principal.
  In 1965, he founded an Institute for Talmudic Publications and began the translation of the Talmud and the Kabbalah. He completed his Hebrew edition of the Babylonian Talmud in November 2010. The Steinsaltz Talmud is widely regarded in Israel, the United States and the world in general.
  Regarding access that his work provides, Steinsaltz says: ‘‘I never thought that spreading ignorance has any advantage, except for those who are in a position of power and want to deprive others of their rights and spread ignorance in order to keep them underlings.” The quote provides my assessment of our present educational structure. By the current knowledge system, our leaders are keeping us ignorant in order to keep us underlings.
  The Steinsaltz Talmud and Kabbalah represent Jewish philosophy and mysticism. In the same veins, the 1 Ching: the Chinese Book of Changes with 64 Lexagrams: 16 multiplied by four. Similarly is the Ifa Orunmila of the Yoruba with 256 hexagrams which is 16 multiplied by 16. Thus, Steinsaltz gained acclaim and many awards for popularizing Israeli culture and mysticism in the 21st century. It is hoped our people will borrow a leaf from Steinsaltz’s 60 books and two million volumes of his Talmud by starting the revival of national traditions and cultures.

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