Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ogunmupe: How To Attract Your Desires

IT is important that you understand that you have within yourself the power to attract the objects of you desire. Being able to attract your desires seems more likely when you consider how things are created from the spirit world into this material world
In an intriguing sentence in the bible, Saint Paul addresses the process of creation. He said; “Things which are seen are not made of things which do appear.” Paul was telling that the creative energy is neither solid nor restricted. The physical world of form originates from something other than form itself, although we know it is all one world.
Paul’s word form the basis for this piece, Paul’s belief suggests how energy inform our ability to attract what we desire. Saint Paul is giving us a clue about manifesting our desire into the world of matter.
Every human has the force called energy. Energy is in all things and it has an impact upon objects, which we can describe as attraction. In magnetic fields, we can easily see it at work. This force is there, attracting and repelling. It is everywhere on the planet.
The essence of this is that we can utilize this force of attraction for our own good. Because the energy of attraction which is in what we desire is also in us it becomes a matter of alignment and the will that allows us to tap into this force. Thus we can use this universal force of attraction to obtain our wishes.
Because there is no difference in the power that bring anything from the world to waves into the world of particles, so, the power that brings your thoughts or mental pictures visualizations into form can be used to attract your wishes.
To put this into perspective, think of manifesting or transforming waves of possibilities into particles of reality. Your thoughts and visualizations are your sources of manifesting your desires to reality. By visualizing, you are activating the force of attraction to work for you. The manifesting process is achievable when you are in a state of complete faith. Your subconscious knows you can attract what you desire with this energy.
Your power to form pictures in your mind is a mighty force. The mental-picturing power is the energy of attraction, the creative process possessed by all humans. This power of attraction is the very substance of life. By using this power, you are not in any way interfering with the laws of nature. This power is the mysterious attraction that draws your desires to you.
This power of attraction thrives on happiness, love, joy, contentment and peace. The more blissful and loving you are, the more the divine spirit particularizes within you and the more Godlike you become. Your thoughts have creative power of attraction and if your mental pictures are conditions that you desire, and they are rooted in joy and faith, your creative thoughts will attract these things and conditions into your life.
The most important thing for you to remember is that as you practice mental picturing for the purposes of manifesting your desires is that humans never create. We are not to create, but to attract, combine and distribute.
However, there is one indispensable condition for the manifestation of that picture in your mind into the visible and concrete world. That condition is that the picture must either be formed here and now or not at all. Once you understand the necessity of picturing the fulfillment of your desire as if it is already accomplished on the spiritual plane, that means if the end is secured the means is also handled and you let go, knowing that success is guaranteed.
Indeed, the more you do this mental picturing with faith and enthusiasm, the more you are to see it manifesting. You re to visualize in detail what it is that you want to manifest. You detach your self from the outcome and how it will be accomplished. It isn’t your business to create. Just see in great detail what it is that you want, repeatedly affirming this picture with faith, then you will see it manifest to reality.
Thus, the key to your success is to repeat these mental pictures until your desire manifests without an ounce of doubt. The best times for visualizing are early in the morning and just before retiring at night.
When it appears visualizing isn’t working, note the following anomalies. One, you must give adequate time for your wishes to flourish. Two, the frequency with which you are changing your picture affects the materialization of your wishes. Success is predicated on a dedicated and consistent mental picturing. Three, your power of attraction is most effectively done in privacy. Never confide your ambition on anyone. It is a violation of your sacred trust to talk to others about your ambition. Talking to others weakens your power to attract good fortune. Maintain utmost privacy concerning your power to attract to you what you desire.
Our champion today is Paul the Apostle. Paul also known as Saint Paul and Saul of Tarsus was born in AD5 and died AD67 he is the most influential Christian missionary and leader of the first generation of Christians. Saint Paul is considered the greatest Christian religious leader of all time. He authored half of the New Testament Bible. He was responsible for spreading the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire.
Paul was a native of Tarsus, the capital of Cilicia, in Present day Turkey. He was a Greek speaking Jew who grew up in Jerusalem where he studied under Gamaliel a famous rabbi and the leading authority in the Sanhedrin. For half of his life he was a Pharisee, a Jewish faction noted for strict or thodoxy and formalism.
Before becoming a follower of Jesus, Paul was a zealous persecutor of Christian. While travelling from Jerusalem to Damascus, the resurrected Jesus appeared to him in a great light, which blinded him for three days. His sight was restored by Ananias of Damascus, Paul’s conversion changed the course of world history. Thirteen epistles in the New Testament are attributed to Paul.
Augustine of Hippo developed Paul’s idea that salvation is based on faith and not on works of the law, Paul’s writings heavily influenced Martin Luther while the influence of Paul’s writings on Christian thinking has been profound-because Paul championed the spreading of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. While struggling to validate his own worth and authority, Paul was esteemed as one of the leader of Christianity. The Bible did not record Paul’s death but Ignatius of Antioch noted about the year 110 that Paul died in Rome in the year AD67. He was Christianity’s greatest organizer.

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