Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ogunmupe: Courage As Catalyst Of Sucess

COURAGE is crucial to success in life. Many have beautiful life- transforming dreams, which they cannot actualize due to lack of courage. Courage is essential to the realization of your ambition. It is the principal requirement for greatness. It is the quality Joshua and Caleb possessed that enabled them give a positive report on the Promised Land, even though the giants (Anakim) were there.
The two weapons Satan uses against aspirants are cowardice and inferiority complex. Enemies make you see in terrifying details why you cannot make it in life. The devil shows you your peers who have failed, telling you the apparent folly of ever trying. Thus, mustering courage alone can see you through to greatness. Courage impels you to confront and conquer. Until you decide to confront whatever giant is standing in your way, you cannot conquer it. Therefore, every conquest is heralded by a confrontation. And to do that you need courage.
Courage inspires confrontation. Thus if you must be a conqueror, you must have courage. The moment you lose courage, you have lost the battle. Weapons are useless without courage. But with courage and correct weapons you will win your way to greatness. A feeble heart produces week hands and weary knees. Apart from courage another requirement for victory is facing the enemies eyeball to eyeball. Never cower before the enemy, because God is with you.
George and Helen Jesze, the authors of the book Born to Win, said, “We cannot discover new world until we have the courage to lose sight of the shore. We cannot walk on the water until we get out of the boat.” Whoever restrains you from a fight, has robbed you of your crown. Don’t always seek to maintain the status quo, rather go for something new. If you must choose a company to belong to, choose the company of the courageous. Courage is requirement for stardom. Courage was what transferred Saul’s throne and crown to David. The valiant always have the crowns of others added to theirs.
Muster courage to take charge. “Deal courageously, and the Lord shall be with you,” 2Chronicles 19:11. Courage compels God to assist you.
The natural way to think is that if God says He is with you, then your victory is certain. However God went on to show Joshua that all the promises He had made to him will still elude him, if he lacked courage, thus the guarantee for prosperity is courage. Courage grants you the confidence to declare your wishes.
Here are three pillars of courage; one recognizes the force of courage. Simply defined, courage is an untiring, invincible, undefeatable attitude in life. The man of courage is neither hindered by the environment nor truckle to the multitude. It is also the ability to face opposition, obstacles, hardship and difficulties. It is the ability to pursue one’s goals in spite of all terror. Nothing intimidates a man of courage. He neither requires outside help nor inspiration to keep going.
Courage does not count the number of falls one had. It only looks forward to more opportunities of success; risk taking is the preoccupation of champions.   Abraham had courage to move from the known to the unknown. It took courage for him to go to Mount Moriah where God instructed him to go and sacrifice his son, Isaac, trekking three days to get there. Yet Abraham complied with Jehovah’s order. The risk-free life is the abode of mediocrity. Every move into a higher plane involves sacrifice and courage.
Two, since you need courage in order to get to the top, you need to boost it in you at every stage of your life.  When you are going into battle or going into a new venture what you need for success is a reflection of your past victories. Thank God for them and tell him you are sure He will give you yet another victory. That is a way of boosting courage in you. Testimonies are ways of turning on the courage in you.
Goliath had kept Israel in bondage for 40 days. His taunts had reduced Israelites to vegetables. Saul, the King had lost his backbone. Suddenly came a tendril, a 17-year-old David, speaking with the boldness of a lion. “Let no man’s heart fail because of him (Goliath); thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine”, 1 Sam17: 33.
If success is the product of experience, then Saul should have stood against Goliath. Abner, a renowned warrior, was also present; yet they were paralyzed by fear. Beware of your advisers; reasons advanced by them may exclude God, leading you to failure. Always make Jehovah your partner in every circumstance.
Saul was operating as the Commander-in-Chief, but David operated as a priest. That was why David could say; “the Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of this Philistine,” 1sam. 17:37. David’s testimony of the lion and the bear is how he turned on the courage in him. Courage will spring out of you when you provoke it by remembering former acts of God in your life “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” pro 23:7.
Other factors that enhance and boost your courage are knowing the direction of your life, making God your partner and your self worth. By regarding yourself as the greatest entrepreneur of your age, you align with your subconscious for success.
Having now a good image of your speeches. Learn to boast in Jehovah as God’s friend. Medical science has proved that the body responds to speech. So, call forth God’s assistance as Jehovah’s friend. You gain speedy fulfillment of your wishes by speaking out, declaring your wishes openly. Until you keep quiet, you cannot fail. Openly declare your expectations, what you say is what you get, Num. 14:28. Your speech creates your future. Let your speech carry the tone of a conqueror, and you are bound to win. Until you are ready to do what nobody has ever done, you cannot get what no one has never got. Accomplishment is not by accident. Success isn’t by chance. What you don’t pursue you cannot possess.
Our champion for today is Robert John Aumann, the Israeli-American mathematician who  received the 2005 Nobel Memorial prize in Economics for his work on conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis. He shared the prize with Thomas Schelling; Aumann was born in June 1930 in Frankfurt, Germany. He fled to the United States with his family in 1938, graduating from the City College of New York in 1950; he received his PhD in mathematics in 1955 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
In 1956, Aumann joined the Mathematics Department of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been a visiting professor at Stony Brook University since 1989. His greatest contribution has been in games theory. Aumann was the first to define the concept of correlated equilibrium. He is also known for his agreement theorem in which he argues that under given conditions, two rationalists with common prior beliefs cannot agree to disagree.
Aumann also asserts that simplistic peacemaking can cause war while arms race, credible war threats and destruction can reliably prevent war. As a member of Professors for Strong Israel, Aumann opposed the disengagement from Gaza in 2005, claiming it poses a serious threat to the security of Israel. Aumann married Esther Schlesinger in 1955, they had five children. Esther died of ovarian cancer in 1998. In 2005, Aumann married Esther’s widowed sister, Batya Cohn. Aumann is still active as professor at the centre for the study of Rationality at Jerusalem, Israel. He is aged 82.

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