Monday, 15 May 2017

Promises you should make to yourself

                              By Bayo Ogunmupe
    Life is not a bed of roses. It can be tough some of the times. And you have paid a heavy price to get this far, so your best option is to make your pedestal count by moving forward from where you are. Free yourself from the ignorance of negativity which tells you can and cannot do. Thus, start making positive promises to yourself by looking ahead, living ahead and getting ahead. Promise to fight back, fight harder, laugh harder and longer and slap adversity into oblivion. Promise to be a champion because you are a force to be reckoned with. Make these promises to yourself and keep them forever.
    Do not hold your past against yourself. Your setbacks, regrets and mistakes are lessons, they teach you, if you are willing to learn, they will destroy you if you fail. So, everyday, take everything as lessons learned. At that time, you did your best within the limits of your experience. Your decisions were made with a young mind; if you were to make these decisions today, you would choose differently. Time and experience have a wonderful way of helping us grow and make better choices.
    Two, live a life that feels right to you, not one that  looks right to everyone. Permit yourself to follow the path that makes you happy. And be aware that some people in your life will refuse to walk beside you as you embark on your journey to greatness. They simply won't approve of it no matter what you say and you should accept this. Indeed, when you commit yourself to creating your own happiness, it clashes with the perception of others. Sometimes, when you make a great gain, you have to  let go of something else. And this something else is a relationship that only wants you to do what they want you to do.
    Three, you should let go of relationships that are obviously not meant to be. Most people come into your life simply to teach you something. They come and go to make a difference. And it is well that they are not in your life any more. Not all relationships last; but the lessons they bring to you should do. If you learn to open your heart and mind to anyone, including coworkers who drive you mad; that will teach you something worthwhile. Sometimes, it will feel weird when  you realize you spent so much time with one you are no longer connected to. But that exactly is how it is supposed to be. You are where you are now because actions you took previously.
    Four, do not allow any situation to permanently steal your joy. Even in moments of trial, pause, remember who you are. Reflect on things that have lasting meaning in your life. Then, smile about how far you have come. More so, nothing is more powerful than a smile that has struggled  through tears. Everyone is happy in good times. It takes a strong and courageous soul to develop smiles out of weeping. Tough times never last only tough people do. Tough situations build strong people in the end.
    Finally, keep stretching yourself beyond your present level of comfort. Just because you are struggling doesn't mean you are failing. Every great success requires worthy struggle. Struggling makes you stronger and smarter. The more time you spend struggling  the faster you learn and the more courageous you become. Better to spend ten minutes growing than a mediocre hour running a factory. Everyday, practice stretching yourself to the very end of your ability, making mistakes and learning from them.

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