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Ground Zero… A peep into the future of man on earth

Ground Zero… A peep into the future of man on earth

By Bayo Ogunmupe

THIS book Ground Zero (AuthorHouse, U.S.; 2013) is a memoir, the personal reminiscences of a Nigerian, Mr. Dotman who hails from the minorities’ oil producing Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The volume is an attempt to break codes with which artists and intellectuals pass on their information from generation to generation. In his attempt to unravel the mysteries of the intellect, Dotman describes how they ponder answers to questions spurred by their progressive ideology towards the emancipation of the people from the misery they find themselves.
  Through the book, Dotman strives to predict a less conflicting future where the anti-Christ and others fear the loss of their cultural diversity, of their humanity, expressing bias toward secularity and religion. Indeed, as the old ideological conflicts give rise to today’s controversies, a novel fire of ideology flares up in Dotman and he shares it with us here in this text, unexpectedly. Thus, Dotman has found a powerful doctrine that is so anomalous to perceived culture, knowledge and ingenuity of the people. This newly found theory also known as zero, is structured to use the works of renowned geniuses of yore.
  This book is subtitled, Further Relativity – meaning the text is on a particular theory of life. Therefore, this book contains a philosophical theory as propounded by the author, Dotman. Thus, Dotman has produced a new fire of ideology where one would not have expected: at the borderlines where the foundations of cultures are considered inviolable. Ground Zero is a paperback, has 204 pages and clearly printed for the perusal of the young and old. It has 13 chapters with a Foreword and Prelude. It starts with Truth is the enemy of superstition, ending with Psychic Encounters.
  Events occurring simultaneously as a concept of nature can be applied to varying conditions. It could occur due to time dilation. Differences in time are made possible by frames of reference or cultural and religious differences. These varieties of time dilations are the preoccupation of Ground Zero. The aim of the relativist view of life is to espouse an ideology of or philosophy of life in which time anchors the meaning and purpose of human existence.
  The book also contains the author’s prophecy that synchronization will not begin until after a thousand years, when many of us would have arrived in heaven. According to Dotman, the da Vinci code, which Leonardo possessed that enabled him to survive a stroke that immobilized him before he died in 1519, that code, has a special power; the undiscovered coded knowledge would be placed or made available to any awakened man. The code contains gnostic wisdom, which can be used to set goals and accomplish them.
  This da Vinci mark enables humans to make choices and know why things like 9/11 happened and many more. This da Vinci mark can be traced to the origin of knowledge. And that knowledge originated from the source of the universe. The code also proposes that knowledge is as old as the universe. That postulation leads to the position occupied by man in the universe. This is revealed when we model the universe in the form of an atom. In that scenario, the planets become the electrons revolving around the nucleus.
  In Ground Zero, Dotman eulogizes Satan for opening our eyes to the nakedness we were at the Garden of Eden. He avers that sin was good, suggesting that we declared for Satan for clothing us. He says that Satan enables us to thirst for knowledge. But if we do not quest for knowledge, we would suffer ignorance which could be self-inflicted.
  Dotman says it was good we chose knowledge. The decision to discern falsehood from truth was good, doing so awakened us from ignorance which meant death. Painting God as a white butterfly and the devil as a black butterfly showcases the talent of a relativist.
  According to Dotman, man’s success is showing signs that we are overreaching ourselves. Our success had made incalculable impact on the environment, greater than all the other species on our planet combined. The opportunity to ascertain why we are here has been presented by the discovery of Ground Zero. For the avoidance of doubts, the place now named Ground Zero used to be the site of the World Trade Centre, which was destroyed on September 9, 2011, due to Osama bin Laden’s terrorist attack on the United States of America.
  Thus, Dotman tells us at the end of the book that we should not be surprised by the lawlessness and insanity that have overtaken the earth at this point in time. He affirms this state of affairs as predicted in both the Bible and the Quran. Due to genetic programming, prophecy is bound to be fulfilled and man faces extinction within the next millennium.
  Reading Dotman’s Ground Zero is a tasking but uplifting adventure that will wake the reader from his slumbers.
  Ground Zero, still in e-book format, is yet to be available in Nigeria in paperback, but it can be obtained online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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