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How To Get What You Want

On The Path Of Winners
How To Get What You Want

GETTING what you want is success. In effect, success comes from the application of a cause or goal. Essentially it’s the same in every facet of human endeavour. The difference is in what people want, it isn’t in accomplishments. Success is in the attainment of goals without regard to the things achieved. The cause of success is always in the person who succeeds because if the cause of success were in nature, outside the person, then every person similarly situated would succeed.
  This means the cause of success isn’t in the environment. Thus, it is certain that you can succeed if you will find out the cause of success, develop it and apply it properly to your work, for the application of the cause cannot fail to produce a given effect. The cause of success is a cosmic power within you. You have the power to develop this power without limit, because there is no limit to the development of mental growth. You can increase this mental power indefinitely. So you can strengthen it to achieve what you want. All you need learn is how to apply your cosmic power to attain your aims.
  The development of a perfect professional competence is essential to success in your chosen vocation. Which is why the application of the musical ability causes success in music, while that of the mechanical faculty causes success in engineering.
  But what is this something in a person that causes him to use his faculties successfully? The few who succeed use their faculties successfully. It is hard to get a word, which expresses the ability to succeed at your job. But I shall call the power, poise although it means more than poise, for poise is a condition combining action with faith. Faith consists in the action of believing things which cannot be proved. And what causes success is more than this.
  This is active power consciousness the Gnostics call Cosmic Consciousness. It is what happens when you know that you can do a thing and how to do it. That places success within your grasp, since you possess a success mindset already. You can when your subconscious affirms you can do it. But if your subconscious is dithering, then affirm your faith in the success mechanism of Cosmic Consciousness. The subconscious is the source from which power comes in the action of any faculty. And doubt impugns this power, impairing its efficacy. So, for effectiveness saturate your mind with the knowledge that you can do what you want to do. Because no one has ever used all the power that he is capable of, so it is within your power to make a greater success in your business than anyone has ever made before you.
  Having filled your mind with this can do spirit proceed to undertake the attainment of what you want. Attaining your aim is made more plainly by considering this analogy. In evolution, squirrels developed their leaping power to its fullest extent through continuous effort to advance. This brought forth the flying squirrel, with a membrane uniting the legs to form a parachute, enabling it to sail distances beyond an ordinary leap. An extension of the parachute jump of the flying squirrel produced the bat, which has wings that can fly. Continuous flight produced the bird with feathered wings. These transitions were accomplished simply by perfecting and extending functions. If squirrels had not kept leaping, there would have been no flying squirrel, and no power of flight. If you are jumping only half-heartedly, you will never fly.
  In life, we advance from one plane to another by perfecting the functions of a lower plane. When an organism contains more life by functioning perfectly on its own plane, it begins to perform the functions of the next higher plane. This is the principle of evolution, and of all attainment. Accordingly, you can advance only by more than filling your present post. You must do all that you can do now, so that you can become what you want to be in the future. The doing into perfection of one thing equips us to advance to the next level.
  The perfect workman is instantly presented the opportunity to begin doing the next larger thing. This is an unfailing law of advancement. By being perfect in your job, you develop into an inventor in your professional calling or vocation. It is the perfection with which you do your work now, that extends your field and brings you in touch with a larger environment. Whenever an organism has more life than can find utility on a given plane, its surplus life lifts it to the next higher plane to find expression. Your surplus power will empower you to attain your cherished desires.
  However, the scriptures say, if you want a happy life and good and lengthy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and keep your lips from telling lies, 1 Peter 3:10.
  Our champion for today is Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, the German historian and cultural critic whose book, The Third Empire, provided Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany with its dramatic name, The Third Reich. Moeller was born in Solingen, Germany in April 1876. He died in May 1925. He fled Germany in 1900 to avoid military service. Then he lived in France, Italy and Scandinavia. While abroad he wrote an eight volume history of the German people. In his books, he classified his countrymen according to psychological types such as, drifting, dreaming and decisive. He returned to Germany at the outbreak of World War I in 1914. In the same year he completed the editing of the German edition of the works of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. For the record, Dostoyevsky was the Russian journalist and short story writer whose novels penetrated the darkest recesses of the human heart, who has had a profound influence on the 20th century novel.
  After the war, Moeller mounted the criticisms of European civilization as the destruction of true culture. He called for a new Germanic faith to save the country from the vulgarity of the modern industrial society. In despair over the course of German history, he took his own life in 1925. Though the Nazis denied him as their intellectual precursor, Moeller’s thoughts helped create German receptivity to the National Socialist ideology of Hitler.

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