Friday, 25 October 2013


On The Path Of Winners
Why You Must Seek Riches

THE desire for increase is inherent in nature. It is the fundamental impulse of the universe. Every human activity is based on the desire for increase. People are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, greater knowledge, more pleasure and more life.
  Every living organism is under this siege for continuous advancement. When increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in. man instinctively knows this and he is forever seeking more riches. This law of perpetual increase is set forth by Jesus the Christ in His parable of the talents. Only those who continuously gain more, retain any. From him who has not, shall be taken away even from whatever he has left. Thus, to aspire for increase is lawful. Which is why all men and women are attracted to him who can give them more of the means of life.
  Do everything that you do in the firm conviction that you are an advancing person and that you are giving advancement to everybody. Feel that you are getting rich and that you are making others rich by conferring benefits on all. Do not boast of your riches, true faith is never boastful. The boastful person betrays doubt and fear. Let every act, tone and look express the assurance that you are getting rich. Undying faith in your riches will attract wealth and helpers to you.
  Impress others in such a way that they will feel that in associating with you, they are getting and will continue to get increase for themselves. See that you give everyone use value greater than the cash value you are taking from them. Take pride in doing this and let everybody know it.
  For that, you will have no lack of customers. People go where they are given increase and Jehovah who desires increase in all, will move you toward men and women who have never heard of you. Thus, your business will increase rapidly and you will be surprised by the windfall of benefits accruing to you. Hence from day to day, you will be able to secure greater advantages.
  But doing all these, you must never lose sight of your vision of financial independence. However, hearken to this word of caution! Beware of the insidious temptation of seeking power over others. Nothing is so pleasant to the profane mind as the exercise of power over others. The desire to dominate for selfish gratification is a curse of civilization. For ages, kings have drenched the earth with blood in their battles to extend their dominions. This is the source of poverty in a country like Nigeria. Corrupt leaders lay waste the lives and hearts of millions in their scramble for power over others. Commercial gain inspire politicians to lust for power. Therefore, you should  beware of being tempted to seek authority, to become a “master” and be considered a lord, one who is above the common herd, to impress others with lavish display of wealth.
  The mind that seeks mastery over others is the competitive mind. In order to become a champion, it is not necessary that you should rule over your fellowmen. Indeed, when you fall prey to the struggle for high office, you begin to be conquered by fate and your environment. Thus, your getting rich becomes a matter of chance and speculation. This is the golden rule of creative action. Do all you can do at work with your undying purpose of getting ahead. But do not work with the idea of currying favour with your employer. It isn’t likely he will advance you by your good work.
  The man who is merely a good workman, is valuable to his employer, it is not in his employer’s interest to promote him. He is worth more where he is. To secure advancement, being more than too large for your place, is necessary. The person who would advance is the one too big for his place and who has a clear vision of what he wants to be, and who is determined to be what he wants to be.
  Begin to think and act this way and opportunities will speedily open for you. Do not try more than fill your present position with a view of pleasing your employer. Do your work with the idea of advancing yourself. Hold the faith and purpose of increase and soon your power of purpose will begin to radiate and new opportunities will be attracted to you. There is a divine power that never fails to offer opportunities to the advancing man, who is moving in obedience to natural law. God cannot help helping you if you act this way. God must do so in order to fulfil His purpose through you. Do not wait for opportunities, seek new and take opportunities as they come. It will be the first step toward a greater opportunity. There is no such thing in the universe as a lack of opportunities for the man of genius. It is inherent in the cosmos that all things shall be for him and work for his good.
  Our champion for today is Otto Heinrich Warburg, the German physiologist, medical doctor and Nobel laureate. He was an officer of the elite cavalry regiment during the First World War and won the Iron Cross for bravery. He was a leading biochemist of the 20th century who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1931. In total, he was nominated an unprecedented three times for the Nobel prize for three separate achievements.
  Son of the physicist Emil Warburg, Otto was born in October 1883 and died in August 1970. Warburg’s father was a member of the illustrious Warburg family of Altona but had converted to Christianity from his Conservative Jewish parents. Warburg earned a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Berlin in 1906. He earned the degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Heidelberg in 1911.
  Between 1908 and 1914, Warburg conducted research in marine biology in Naples, Italy. He left the Army to return to Academia at the behest of his friend Albert Einstein in 1918. Warburg investigated cancer cells and in 1931 was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme. In 1963, the German Society for Biochemistry instituted The Otto Warburg Medal to commemorate Warburg’s outstanding achievements in molecular biology. It is the highest award for biologists and chemists in Germany.

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