Monday, 24 June 2013

Passion quickens your success

Passion quickens your success

Passion propels people to the top of their profession. Passion is more important than plans. Passion creates the fire with which to pursue your ambition. It is the fuel o success. A passionate person without talent will always outperform a talented man without passion.
American authors Robert Kriegel and Louis Patler cite a study of 1,500 persons over a period of 20 years. The study shows how passion makes a difference in a person’s career. In the study divided into groups A and B, 83 percent of people embarking on a career with prospects of making money now in order to do what they want later and Group B, with 17 percent who had chosen their career path from the beginning and worry about money later.
The data showed startling result. One, after 20 years, 101 of the 1,500 had become millionaires. Two, of the millionaires all but one – 100 out of 101 – were from Group B, the Group that had chosen to pursue what they loved. This gives credence to the saying: Find what you like doing so that you will gladly do for nothing; someday people will be happy to pay you for it.

Here are what passion can do for you:

One, passion is your first step in realizing your ambition. Loving what you do is the key to open the door of your achievement. The only way for you to achieve anything significant in life is to really pursue it with passion.
Two, passion increases willpower. The secret to willpower is want-power. In order to possess passion, you have to discover passion as fuel to the will. If you want something enough, you will find the willpower to achieve it.
Three, passion produces energy. Passion gives you the perseverance to enjoy the journey to your destination. Four, passion is the mother of excellence. Passion transforms you from average to excellent. Civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jnr asserted, ‘If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he is not fit to live.’ Where you find purpose, you will find passion. And passion energises talent to achieve excellence.
Five, passion is panacea to success. Revolution is the triumph of enthusiasm. Success is enthusiasm combined with talent. Six, passion is contagious; you cannot ignite fire in another heart, unless it is burning within your own. One of my life goals is to use communication to abolish ignorance and poverty in the world.
To this end, I studied and taught communication and propaganda. More so I have observed great orators in action. With that, I have come to believe that people are instructed by reason but inspired by passion. What is more, lives of great leaders illustrate that their passion caught on with others. Winston Churchill is one good example. Churchill’s passion for freedom and democracy informed his criticism of Adolf Hitler. When Hitler sought to conquer Britain, Churchill’s passion became infused with the British people, prompting Americans to join Britain to tame Germany. Without Churchill,. The history of the world would have been difficult.

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