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On the Path of Winners By Bayo Ogunmupe Create your wealth through intuition

On the Path of Winners
By Bayo Ogunmupe
Create your wealth through intuition
MANY people will only privately admit their belief in psychic phenomena, also known as intuition, but few will publicly acknowledge it for fear of ridicule. Now is the time to take the New Age out of the closet and put its practical principles to work for you. The three obstacles to intuition are fear, habit and stress. No matter what we believe, the fear of appearing ridiculous persists. It is an irrational fear, but the only way to conquer it is to begin succeeding in our use of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Success never needs to apologize. Two, habit or tradition, the way things have always been done, are powerful inhibitors of intuition because innovation means breaking with tradition, as tradition is the enemy of progress.
  Finally, stress may be an inescapable fact of life, which is why you should know when to be assertive and say no to other people. When faced by an important decision, you should meditate over it. In doing that, people seem to succeed without trying. Such are people for whom things just seem to click. They have all the luck, say their envious competitors.
  And they are so lucky because the child within them is awake. The child attracts luck because it looks at the world with fresh eyes and invites a friendly response. What we call luck is a mysterious phenomenon, involving among other things an ability to perceive an opportunity the moment it arises. Such perceptions are given most often to those with open child like minds, unrutted by routine.
  Frequently, just loosening up your routine can help you open your psychic powers. Do little things. Go on the merry-go-round. When you get back to your office, you will find yourself bubbling with new ideas. Happiness nourishes the creative urge in you, enabling you to see beyond your nose. It is a fallacy to think that you need to be in the office to be working. You may do your greatest thinking at home sitting by your bed. Vary your routine. Take a different route to work. Join a group on sight-seeing. Wish less. Act more. Take a chance once in a while. I don’t believe in postponing satisfaction. Delay makes the psi in us sad and listless. So make a deal with yourself. Take the psi show while you are in the town. Eat at some terrific restaurants. This awakens your intuition, fueling it to undreamed of heights.
  Accessing intuition is like tuning into a faint radio frequency. It requires a good antenna, a steady hand on the dial and some strong fresh batteries. Thus, delving into the subconscious can be as draining as it is exhilarating. However, you need to maintain an adequate energy level in order to exercise your intuitive abilities. Here are some of what you can do to keep your psychic energies at high levels.
  One, eat moderately for few psychics function effectively after downing a heavy meal. If you are hungry when you start an ESP exercise, have a cracker or some other light snack. Generally stoking your body with vitamins isn’t helpful in your effort to use ESP for self enrichment. Yogis suggest that adequate sexual exercise enhances your psychic powers. It renews psychic energy while bringing you gently back to the outer world.
  Two, get enough sleep. A teacher once urged us not to cram or otherwise tense up before an examination. Go and see the funny movie the night before, he would say. It is a splendid advice. Intuition seldom strikes through the fog of a weary brain. Lack of sleep will quickly catch up with you when doing serious work. Instead of having a vision of the answers, you may end up having a snooze.
  Three, maintain a relaxed attitude. A relaxed attitude is a precondition for enjoying life. When you are enjoying yourself, your psychic ability comes out the more. That is the reason children are more psychic than adults – they know how to play more.
  Four, don’t mess up your body chemistry through alcohol, smoking or drug addiction. It is not possible to turn on your psychic power while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Their most obvious effect is to throw your perceptions off. In short, in developing your psychic powers for making money, you want to be under the influence of only one mind altering agent, and that is the extra sensory perception (ESP).
  Finally, in your tune-up exercises, the issue of belief need not arise. Believe it or not, there are mysterious forces, moving behind the mundane of every day life, such as your guardian angel. If you tune-in, you will feel them stirring within you. Most important is your having a sense of fun and a willingness to let anything happen.
  Our champion for today is Viscount Julian Hedworth Georg Byng, the British Field Marshal, a commander in World War I. Also known as Baron Byng of Vimy, Byng was born in September 1862 in Middlesex, England, a career soldier from 1883, he was promoted major general in 1909. As commander of Canadian Corps in France in 1916, he was responsible for the most famous Canadian victories in World War I.
  Byng was responsible for the capture of Vimy Ridge, North of Arras in April 1917. As Commander of the British Third Army from June 1917, he conducted the first large scale attack by tanks in history at Cambrai in November 1917. His army broke the German line on September 27, 1918. Byng was promoted full general in 1917, he was made a Field Marshal in 1932.
  After World War I, he served as governor general of Canada (1921-26) and Commissioner of London Police (1928-31). He was created a baron in 1919, and a viscount in 1928. He died on June 6, 1935 at Thorpe Hall, Essex, the United Kingdom.

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